It's time to stop settling for status quo and
to start supporting principled solutions ...

Adam Ochs for Colorado HD-13

Thanks for taking an interest in my campaign to be your next representative. I'm working hard for people of our district: not for powerful lobbyists, partisan poltics or personal advancement. That leaves me with a tough election for which I'll need your support. Please scoll down to learn more, but first, I encourage you to get connected to the campaign:

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Stop Settling for Status Quo

In politics, we let the insiders run the show. In business, we reward lobbyists at the expense of honest companies. In society, we punish everyday citizens, telling them that government knows best. I won't stand for it and neither should you. Please join me in building a more level playing field and a better future for our families.

The Colorado State Capitol

Restore Fiscal Sanity

Modern politicians often cite "the children" as their excuse for wrong-headed legislation, yet they have no problem dropping the bills onto backs of the next generation. If we really want to support our children and grand children, our number one priority needs to be getting our fiscal house in order.

Main Street Idaho Springs

Promote Economic Opportunity

Our economic problems run deeper than Main Street versus Wall Street. Big businesses of all types have found their way into all levels of government because they know small competitors can't keep up in a complex regulatory environment. It's time to roll-back some of the red-tape that's built up over the years.

Freedom is Popular

Defend Personal Liberty

With thousands of laws passed every year, everyday citizens are being criminalized at an alarming rate. It's unacceptable that we have highest per capita prison population in the world. It's unacceptable that rights do not apply to all citizens equally. I will be a champion of freedom and equality for all.

Adam Ochs Supports Local Colorado

We Can Build a Better Colorado

A principled government begins with electing principled leaders. Unfortunately, we've allowed our state to be overrun by industry insiders, powerful lobbyists and self-serving politicians. It's time to change course. I'm confident that I have the background, vision and values to lead Colorado toward a better future.

Help Make 2012 a Step in the Right Direction

If you've made it this far, you probably know how important it is that the people of Colorado take back their government. We can only achieve that by getting serious about the political process. I'm working hard to take on those entrenched powers that benefit from the status quo, but I'll need the help of dozens of other concerned citizens. I hope you'll be one of my many dedicated supporters: this goal is worth working toward. Thanks for your interest electing a candidate that will make 2012 a step in the right direction!